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Laura Susijn

It's a shock to read the back issues of the Israel Imperial News and itís a shock to see in black and white the Zionist attitude. That the commentary in these pages is full of wit, intelligence and brilliant satire only makes the points being made come across more clearly and powerfully. It's both depressing and hopeful.

So little has changed within Israeli foreign policy but the world seems to have at least taken on some of what the Israel Imperial News was pointing out - some, not all - making it crucial for people to read and reread these editions.

It is ever important for people to understand the roots and base of Zionist thinking (not least because they are echoed elsewhere), politicians may be more careful as to how they express themselves nowadays but these pages give non-Hebrew readers a rare chance to see the attitudes that underlie Zionist ideology and allow a supposed democracy to behave in ways which seem incomprehensible to most of us.

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