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Much better than the official MXXXELIN Guide to Israeli
prisons, jails,concentration camps and torture chambers

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Introduction - extracted from the booklet.

Some might object to our calling the policy of eliminating the Palestinians, which is what the Zionist Israeli government is doing, a Holocaust. The fact that the Jews were the victims of a Holocaust does not give them the copyright on the name or on the concept. Holocausts are not a Nazi invention. There were a lot of Holocausts in human history from very early times. Many communities have been wiped out by other communities and the Jewish Holocaust was only one of many.

The Nazis in Germany wanted to eliminate the Jews from Europe. They had their methods to achieve their aim. The Zionists in Israel want to eliminate the Palestinians and they use sometimes similar and sometimes different methods to those the Nazis used. The Nazis didn't start the Holocaust with the gas chambers, this came much later. They started by declaring the Jews to be undesirable sub-humans. The Israelis have done something similar. They haven't officially declared the Palestinians to be sub-human, but they have treated them as such. Once you have treated a group of people as sub-humans, it is not quite so serious a crime to kill them, to beat them up, (see "Checkpoint Syndrome" page 46) or to burn down their Synagogues or Mosques. (When it happened to Jews, it was known as a pogrom). The Zionist regime has encouraged the Israeli people to treat Palestinians in a similar manner.

The next step for the Nazis was to arrest the Jews and put them in concentration camps. The Israelis have arrested some Palestinians, but they are clever: instead of building concentration camps they have turned Palestinian towns and villages into concentration camps by enclosing them behind barbed wire fences and (now) a concrete wall; behind these they do their arrests and shooting. When Palestinians object to the way they are treated, their objections are regarded as acts of terror. This is true not only when young Palestinians blow themselves up in Israeli coffee shops and market places, but also when
children throw stones at Israeli soldiers. Resistance is then used as an excuse for more arrests, house demolitions and killings. It all serves the Zionist aim of crushing the Palestinians. This is the creeping holocaust happening under our eyes today.

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